Your Mental Health Is More Important

In times of hardship, stress or strain, you know the old saying by now. Your health is more important. So in light of this wise philosophy when you are under the weather with a potentially bad bout of influenza on the horizon, you quietly tidy up at your desk, politely inform your supervisor and nimbly lift yourself off home. Perhaps it would have been sensible for you to pop in at your GP’s rooms along the way.

He may well book you off for another day or two and give you the appropriate medication, usually in the form of antibiotics and something potent but organically sound to strengthen your by-now weakened immune system. This philosophy does, however, need to be tweaked a little. For a more extensive analysis on this, why don’t you pay a quick visit to the online portal of your local behavioral health services provo clinic.

In the meantime; a brief explanation of this expanded philosophy. For once and for always; your health is more important. But furthermore; your mental health is more important. This is an acute condition that needs to be taken extremely seriously. Under a lot of pressure at the office, working longer than usual hours, picking up a lot of flak from people left, right and center; technically (it’s what they might say at the office) you are not sick.

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So ‘technically’ you stay on and do your work. But how? How are you supposed to cope? And in any event, under such mental strain, how are you expected to do your work properly in any event? Under severe mental pressure, do not hang around to listen to counter-arguments, leave your desk as soon as possible and go get yourself treated at the behavioral health clinic.